• Baja California Sur Real Estate For Sale at it's finest, Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort on the Famous Cabo Pulmo Reef, the Only Living Hard Coral Reef in North America.  Investment Property,  Fun Beach Property, Safe, All Solar, Off-the-Grid, Excellent Fishing Outside the Park, Perfect Sailing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Underwater Photography, Bird-watching, Hiking, Biking, Surfing, Mexican Food par-excellent, Relaxing, excellent village and home for the disabled - Ex-Patriots
  • ( Ex-Pats), Friendly safe international community. Come check it out folks!  A place of Peace and Tranquility. Real Estate agents report record interest in East Cape Properties, and ground floor prices.  Perfect for a partnership, this property pays for itself and brings you a profit.   

Disabled Divers and anglers are welcomed and assisted in Cabo Pulmo.  This is an amazing place for good access for everyone.  The village is flat, sandy and clean. 

Six restaurants perfect for relaxing with friends.  

Excellent Diving for all physical abilities. Check our Discover Scuba Adventure Vacation Package, see our page for it. 

Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, underwater photos, biking, hiking, dining, great memories!

​Hike and dive all day. Or for those who may be disabled, hire a boat to dive from with assistance.  

Relaxing, taking photos, hiking. Just Being there. No traffic noise, no city lights, Peace.   

Scuba Diving is incredible here.  Get certified here!

Kayaking off the coast of Cabo Pulmo.  Lovely and you never know what the Sea will surprise you with!

You can feel good about catching a fish again outside of the park boundaries.  Abundance.   

Easy swimming and snorkeling, free diving and scuba access for all levels of experience​.