This is the kitchen in 18A Casa Sirena, New Inverter refrigerators state of the art for solar.  Own your own safe haven for your family.  Each home is equipped with a kitchen, bedroom areas and baths and are stocked and furnished ready to rent.  Make it your own with your own decorating ideas.  That back bath you see there, would make a nice bedroom/bath suite remodeled easily.  This is a good long term investment that pays for itself and you can enjoy.  Perfect for a partnership.  

  • Baja California Sur Real Estate For Sale at it's finest, Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort on the Famous Cabo Pulmo Reef, the Only Living Hard Coral Reef in North America.  Investment Property,  Fun Beach Property, Safe, All Solar, Off-the-Grid, Excellent Fishing Outside the Park, Perfect Sailing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Underwater Photography, Bird-watching, Hiking, Biking, Surfing, Mexican Food par-excellent, Relaxing, excellent village and home for the disabled - Ex-Patriots
  • ( Ex-Pats), Friendly safe international community. Come check it out folks!  A place of Peace and Tranquility. Real Estate agents report record interest in East Cape Properties, and ground floor prices.  Perfect for a partnership, this property pays for itself and brings you a profit.   

Come to Cabo Pulmo to relax and for therapy. The water of the Sea of Cortez is very healing. It's like bathing in natural vitamins, minerals and the happiness factor the sun creates lifts your spirits along with the amazing physical benefits of being in the water makes this Cabo Pulmo Paradise worth coming to. This is an off-the-grid Solar Community waiting for you.  Five miles of good hard packed dirt road is the last of your hour 1/2 journey from the airport in San Jose Del Cabo bring you to a Tahitian Style village on the Cabo Pulmo Reef and excellent real estate value for your money. Retire here in Style on a budget.   Electricity is about 7 miles as the crow flies and will come someday. The East Cape of Cabo is the best value for Mexico Baja Real Estate for Sale.  Now that Cabo San Lucas is built out and over commercialized , expensive and condos everywhere;  Cabo Pulmo is still a small pristine village. Best Value for Beach Homes for Sale anywhere in the World. Safe. This property makes good income and pays for all costs which are minimal. The current manager is willing to keep managing for a new owner.  She is wonderful. So if you are looking for Baja Mexico Real Estate that pays for itself and gives you income, look no further than this gem of a Casita Villa #18 A&B Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, Cabo Pulmo East Cape of Cabo Baja Mexico   

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